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Here are answers to some of our most asked questions about living at a Summerset village. You can also find more here - Choices, Costs, Care and Community.

Why Summerset?

Why Summerset?

Summerset are a proven, long term operator in the retirement village sector. When you come to a Summerset village you have the certainty that if you need care it’s there, because we have care facilities integrated into our villages.

We are currently the third largest operator, and the second largest developer of retirement villages in New Zealand, We have 21 villages across the country with more on the way as we just keep growing.

More than 3,800 New Zealanders now call Summerset home. We have more than 800 staff supporting you - to get the best out of life.

In November 2011 we listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. We have also been named best retirement village operator for four years running.

Finally, and most importantly, we are proud of our villages, of our staff and especially proud of the residents who choose to make a Summerset village their home.

What choice do I have at Summerset?

What choice do I have at Summerset?

At Summerset, we recognise that people are individuals, there is not one size that fits all. We also know for a lot of people they think moving to a retirement village means losing their independence, at Summerset this is not the case.

We want you to have as much comfort in your home and your life as possible.

For example we love seeing families here at Summerset and if you normally have friends to stay nothing changes when you move here. If you want to paint the walls inside your home, you can. We also welcome pets.

We have a wide choice of homes - villas, townhouses and apartments for independent living but also care apartments and a care centre for those who need more support.

We recognise that not everyone’s budgets are the same, but with such a variety of living options on offer, you are sure to find something you’ll be proud to call home.

Is there a minimum entry age?

Is there a minimum entry age?

The minimum entry age into our villages is 70 years. Anyone under 70 years with specific health or care needs will be considered on their individual circumstances.

What care is provided?

What care is provided?

Summerset operates a range of care model, which means that our villages have a range of living options, from independent living in a villa, apartment or townhouse, to serviced apartments, rest home and hospital level care.

You have the certainty that if you need more support as your needs change, it is on hand for you. You don’t have to leave the community you have become a part of.

Because we offer such a choice of living options, we can provide the right care at the right time for you.

We can offer respite and short term care for residents whose family or carers are away, or for those recovering from a hospital stay. We offer day programmes where you can come and spend the day with us in a warm supportive environment.

Our care centres are bright and warm, where residents receive 24-hour care from registered nurses and trained caregivers, led by our Nurse Managers. You can take part in communal activities or individual programmes depending on your needs. Respect is at the core of what we do at Summerset, and is a key part of life at our care centres.

For more information about the care we offer please see Living and Care Options.

Why does Summerset say “we love the life you bring to our villages”?

Why does Summerset say “we love the life you bring to our villages”?

Summerset is nothing without the wonderful people who have chosen to live here.

A village can have lots of great facilities, beautiful homes and gardens, but it is the people who bring the heart and soul to the village.

We know where you have come from, we understand the rich and varied lives and experiences you have had. We love having your grandkids over, we love your friends visiting. We know that you still feel like you are 40.

Learning about you and seeing our communities grow and friendships flourish, that is what we get a kick out of.