Summerset Life

Summerset Life

Summerset is nothing without the wonderful people who have chosen to live here.

A retirement village can have lots of great facilities, beautiful homes and gardens, but it is our people who bring the heart and soul to all of our villages.

Summerset life is all about getting the best out of the day. This can be seen in any Summerset village throughout New Zealand with people enjoying a coffee at the cafe together, market days bustling with home-made goodies and bowlers out on the green with friendly banter going on. Look around the village community to see people who are enjoying the sunshine or a chat with their neighbours.

We have plenty of planned events, activities and outings. We also have hobby groups, the workshop and communal gardens. The choice to participate is yours – if you want to do your own thing, go for it. We respect the way you want to live your life.

To see what Summerset life is all about take a look at some of the great activities and events in Around Summerset in 7 Days.