Why Summerset


One of the main reasons people decide to come to a village is to be sure they will be looked after as their needs change.

Care Centre NurseLady in red

Our villages have integrated care, which means if you find you need more support with everyday living, we can help. For many people this is simply peace of mind. If you or your partner gets ill, you don’t have to move away from what is familiar to you, rest home and hospital care is right there*.

We offer innovative care services; from individualised supported living services delivered in your home right up to care in our rest home and hospital-level Care Centres, we can take care of you. Our modern Care Centres are beautifully designed with light and airy lounges, and landscaped gardens.

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*Most of our villages offer rest home and hospital-level care. For those that don't, priority access is given to Summerset residents into nearby Summerset Care Centres.