Why Summerset

Industry Leading Disaster Policy

When the world falls apart, yours won’t.

Summerset’s disaster policy guarantees you security should the worst happen, so you’ll never be left out in the cold.

We believe we have a responsibility to our residents that they will never be left without a home in the event of a disaster like a big storm, flash flooding or an earthquake. To prove it, we’ve come up with a disaster policy that is second to none.

When Summerset in the Sun in Nelson experienced flooding following an unprecedented downpour in April 2013, the staff and community within the village rallied immediately. “All the staff, without exception were just absolutely brilliant,” said resident Claire McWatt. “On the night, residents opened their homes to us. Then Summerset arranged everything. The next day they arranged accommodation for us and had movers move our furniture. In the following days, they arranged builders to assess our villas.”

Should a disaster occur we will do our best to ensure our residents’ immediate safety and future security, and find suitable accommodation quickly at our cost. This may be within unaffected units in your village, at another Summerset village, or at another place which we will arrange.

Our disaster policy leads the way by offering you complete certainty; should a disaster destroy your home and it cannot be rebuilt on the original site or in reasonable proximity, you’ll receive the full market value of your home with no deferred management fee deductions.

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